10 Years As Girlfriend

10 years as girlfriend

my longest relationship ever

9 years of marriage

i could not have imagined what we’d go through

8 hours a day spent out at work

your work ethic and integrity is admirable

7 places to call home

from duplexes, apartments and houses- we’ve always been blessed

6 married years spent not pregnant

crazy, right?!

5 days a week spent packing lunches

for you, Madi, and soon Aaron

4 changes in jobs

a ride worth every turn

3 beautiful kiddos

we could not have planned a better family if we tried

2 different minivans

never would I have thought we’d buy even 1

1 florida boy to spend my life with

Need I say more.

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10 years ago I called you from my college dorm. By the time we hung up it was established… we were “officially” dating. We had been friends for years but recently expressed slightly more interest. 🙂 Thank you for making sure I was your girl then and every day since.


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