2013: The Year of Parties

Tonight as I tucked in the kiddos, my eldest decided to sing a prayer. As she sang she thanked God for Easter bunnies, lights, and even Halloween. Before I knew it, she had named nearly every National Holiday a four year old knows and thanked God for all the fun we have had celebrating them.

For a moment, a battle broke out in the confines of my mind. Uh oh…! Why did she not thank God for Jesus’ birthday? Did we not reinforce that enough at Christmas? She sounded more excited to thank God for Halloween than for Easter. Should we stop participating in these Holidays? Is the fun we are having corrupting her innocent little heart.


As if the voice of a small soft-spoken warrior was gently pushing through the chaotic warfare of questions.


My thoughts drew back their swords.

The small voice continued.

Is not God fun? Is not life meant to be celebrated? What could be better than celebrating a life given that can never be earned? Did we not teach them that Halloween was all about celebrating Christ’s victory over death? Our need to never fear? That our God is greater than anything scary? Did we not teach them at Easter that Jesus is a best friend forever? Jesus loved us to die to give us a life beyond what we can imagine? A purpose greater than we can allot a salary? AND again he defeated Satan just when Satan thought he won? …etc

In 2013, my resolution is to party like its… BC.

A random idea like that deserves quite the explanation. Before there was Christ the Jewish people knew how to party. They through festivals and feasts to celebrate their coming Savior, to remember what God had done in years past, and to celebrate the season of life God gave them. (For more read Understanding Jesus)

A Savior came. We have even more reason to celebrate.

This year my resolution is to party. I want my children to party. Our God reigns today in our world no differently than He reigned years ago- before His son set foot on our Earth. I want my children to be Christ followers who know joy and who are known for their joy. If God can cause reason to celebrate through the use of burning bushes, lambs, and water… I feel confident that He can be celebrated through bunnies, pumpkins, and turkeys.

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