A tale of two kids, faded toys, and forgotten joy

It wasn’t even noon, yet I had already finished cleaning  bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. I was so excited!  With my husband out of town for work and 4 little ones to care for on my own- this was one HUGE success. So, I am sure you could imagine my anger, madness, momentary loss of sanity, when I walked in the guest room only to find toys pulled back out and scattered all over the floor.

photo 3


Why does it seem the most convenient time for my kids to play with their toys is AFTER I clean them up?

photo 2I am proud to say- I did not yell. I didn’t cry. I honestly didn’t say one word. It had to be God’s Holy Spirit because all I heard was- “Do you get it now?”

Do I get what now?

You see for the past few weeks I feel like the kids’ talking-topics of choice include: how they have nothing to play with, how they are bored, what new toys they want for Christmas..etc. So why the sudden interest in their current “boring” toy inventory? Why did it take them going cleaning THROUGH their messes with my help for them to realize they have toys they DO love?

As a parent of young children, there are few things less frustrating than spending money on a toy that my child loves for a few months (sometimes weeks) and then no longer plays with. Can I get an “amen”? haha.

But back to the mess…

What messes do we have in our lives that we need to go through? You see, if my kids just kept all their past gifts piled up in corners of the playroom what once they enjoyed would soon become piled up as faded plastic piles of mess. An eyesore really.

photo 1

I understand that. So I spent a few hours going through each mess with each child. It brought me joy to see them rediscover these toys they once took everywhere, showed off to everyone, and kept close everywhere they went.

Do you see the connection between this story and God’s story with us?

How often does God give us a gift that somehow gets forgotten? We toss it to the bottom of a pile and leave it. These gifts of past soon become piles or a part or part of a mess we simply don’t have the time or energy to go through.

How are our messes keeping us from seeing the inventory of God’s past gifts?

If you find yourself questioning whether or not God cares, is with you, actually exists, loves you… consider this story.

You see. No one knows us like God. (Psalm 139, Jeremiah 1:5) So no one can give a gift like He can. When we are willing to go through our mound of messes in life- maybe past hurts, bad habits, disappointments and failures- we are then able to rediscover the gifts that tell the story of our loving Father is and who we are to Him.

Don’t keep your past in piles. You never know what joy today you might be missing out on.

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