6 months old already??

With Aaron turning 4 in two days and Sadie already 6 months old I feel like I can’t keep up with these growing kids!

Here are a few pictures from Aaron’s fun TMNT party. Yes, I am dressed as April. Daddy made a sneaky cameo with Uncle Tom as ninjas from the foot clan. I will post the fun DIY’s from the party later this week.



AND… tonight Sadie was sitting up by herself and playing. She is sitting up? Wasn’t she just born? Oh boy.


Here are pictures of Madi using the same toy in 2008. (She is 10 months old in the pictures.)


These kiddos keep me busy. And anything I thought I KNEW as a Mom of 2 Sadie has defied. I guess God just knew that having #3 would solidify my humility and status of being a mommy “in training” for as long as I live.

Happy Saturday night. <3 20140614-191238-69158858.jpg