My Early to Rise Fail

Early to Rise

Well, since I admitted that I have failed during this challenge I have to say that I have been doing better.

I wasn’t expecting that. Grant it, it hasn’t been that long. But before I was averaging pretty bad on how many mornings I woke and how many I slept in. (Well, slept in until 7:30 when the kids woke up.)

With my unforeseen success since my honest confession I cannot help but think about Bible verses like 1 John 1:9 and James 5:16. (And no- I do not have a rolodex of Bible verses memorized in my mind. I wish I did. I just googled those. 🙂 )

When we sin we are called to confess. Confess to God and confess to other believers.

Okay, I am not trying to say my failing to wake up early was a sin. I am simply seeing a connection with the confessing.

If we all were a little more willing to confess to God and sisters/brothers in Christ we respect when we fall short of perfection… would it help us with our own “average” of wins to fails?

While we are not called to perfection but rather called to becoming more like Christ. What “Christ-like” attributes is God forming within us when we fess up about falling short?

Try it out this week. Is there someone you respect? Can you confide in them and confess? Pray for God to show you “who” and then confess to Him. Expect Him to move in your heart and decision making. Expect to average more wins than losses.

We all will fail at some point or other but Thank GOD that a fail-free life is not what He calls us to. A life after Christ- that is our calling, purpose, and His desire.

Just a thought. 😉

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