A Month of Fun: August


8/4: National Mustard Day:


8/5: International Friendship Day

Proverbs 17:17 (memory verse) Write it on the windows and mirrors with the kids. Reward them if they can memorize this! “A friend loves at all times…”


8/13: International Left Handed Day

  • Let’s celebrate. Use this day to teach your child the difference between their left side and right.
  • Practice writing and drawing with your left hand.
  • Play kick ball or catch. The trick is, you and your child can only use your left arm and leg! Get the camera out! This will make for some cute photos.
  • Left handed flower. Get out the paint (or leftover mustard. Lol) Create these awesome lefthand flowers.



8/26: Women’s Equality day

National Immunization Awareness Month

Don’t forget to get your kid’s immunizations for school!
Do your research and be prepared.

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

Check here for great tips on eye health for your little kiddos.

Have fun discussing the parts of the eye (see diagram above).


  • Collect cardboard from toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Work with your children to create telescopes and binoculars. Be creative! As you create discuss the lesson. We can use our telescopes to see a lot of things. Is there anything that God CAN’T see? Thank you God for always watching over us!
  • Great Eye Experiment to play with the kids
    • Create your own eye chart with the kids. If you have older kids, let them come up with their own and use it on you!
    • Play a game of “I spy” sometime this week while you are driving. Ask your kiddos what they can “spy” out the car window. Can they see everything? There is no way that we can watch everything that goes by our window but our God is SO big that He can see everything! No matter where we go our what we do- God watches over us!
  • For grown-ups: What are your eyes focused on this month? Check your depth perception. Meditate on these verses this month and take steps to maintain and improve your eye health. The goal of life is not perfect vision but rather learning to truly see with the aid of our great physician.
  • Genesis 3:6 (hmmmm… maybe going to what is pleasing to the eye does not always leave us with the best results.)
  • Matthew 5:29
  • Matthew 6:22 
  • Luke 6:42
  • 1 Cronicles 4:9

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