FALL in love with Jesus- the perfect Fall craft for kids

 Fall in Love with Jesus  *craft*

I love using craft time with my kids to talk about how much God loves them! Try this at home and see what fun conversations you and your kiddos have!

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 

Supplies for the kids’ tree:

brown sandwich bags

paper leaves

crayons/ markers

 leaf stickers (found at the dollartree)

stapler/ tape/ glue stick



Here was My Tree
(That’s right, Mommy’s can make crafts too! These are just fun and inexpensive crafts AND Home decor).

Supplies for Mommy’s tree 🙂

paper grocery bag

paper leaves



1. the kids colored their papers. While they colored we talked about what it meant to “Fall in Love with Jesus”.





2. For the “trees” I cut slits in the top of the brown paper bags. Then I opened up the bags (leaving the bottoms flat) and twisted the body of the bag into the trunk. After that (I let me 4 year old do this part) I twisted the top slits on the paper bag into branches and stapled the final tree onto the paper.
3. Give paper leaves and/or sticker leaves to the kids and  let them decorate the tree.





This is just a fun activity to talk about the Fall season and remember to thank God for providing it to us and for sending us His son Jesus!

There are so many reasons to FALL in love with Jesus. Can you name some? Everytime you see the leaves falling from the trees God made remember to thank God for giving us Jesus!


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