A Morning In Grace

We all get caught up in cycles of life that keep us whirling and whirling. Like a gerbil in a wheel. We are creatures of habit. Lovers of patterns. But also artists at heart. We often get the tug of he the heart to jump of the wheel and add something to our cycles.

For me it is often the tug to read and write.
Last year I read, Early to Rise by Andy Traub. I then had to privilege of being a contributing author to his book to come Early to Rise for Women.

The book challenged me to make the most of my morning moments. Take time to find minutes in my mornings to invest in trying to find me- the artist. I began to take time to read, pray, and write. It was amazing… Until morning sickness hit. (I love my babies but loathe pregnancy.) 🙂

But I am back in the swing- or maybe … rather off the swing.

With morning routines starting. My oldest in school. I am finding it easier to find that morning time again. (Not to mention I am starting to sleep through the night.)

This morning I sang. I read. And enjoyed some coffee. 🙂
From my first steps this morning, God met me. Spoke. And blessed.

Here are a few words from my reading.


Find time for you today.
Take steps for God to meet you.
He loves to bless, not beat you down. The world and it’s gerbil wheels beat us down and wear us out. Find time to just be. Just breathe. And be blessed.


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