A Starbucks Addicts Guide to Saving Money- at home

Here it is! As promised.

Week #2 of how to save money on Starbucks. #FrugalFriday

This week we are in rare form at the Traurig house! We are running out of Starbucks coffee! Ahh!!!!

My husband and I brew and drink home brewed Starbucks coffee or Starbucks espresso nearly every day! You may be wondering how can we be frugal and yet drink Starbucks so much? Well, I will fill you in on our little secret.

We buy Starbucks coffee cheaper than any other brand of coffee!

Want me to say it again…? 

We buy Starbucks coffee cheaper than any other brand of coffee!


After going to the store this week I wanted to post our Starbucks money saving secrets. (I was just thinking I would “pick up a bag”- NO WAY! Starbucks was over $8.00 at three different stores! I am not paying that! Luckily, coffee sales are on a rotatio

n- like other sales. Every 4-6 weeks you will see a sale on Starbucks AND there is most always coupons. So I will just hold off on buying for another week or so and then stock up again!

The other good news. Now is the season to stock up on things like Starbucks. With the Holidays fast approaching you will see a lot of sales for brands like Starbucks.

So… here is how we frugally afford coffee at our house:


.22 cents
Normal cost per cup
*when buying Starbucks for $8.99 a bag

 .02- .10 cents per cup
Amy’s cost per cup


Here is how

  1.  A regular “sale price” for Starbucks coffee is 6.99. Every 4 to 6 weeks Target will run a sale to buy 3 bags of the coffee and get a gift card (This week Starbucks K cups are on sale B3get a $5 gc at Target). If you wait until after a sale at Target you can score bags for anywhere from $3.00 to $5.00 on clearance. Screen shot 2014-11-16 at 11.16.14 | 8.30.41
  2. Currently there is a $2.00 off one bag of the Starbucks Origin coffee you can use at your local grocery store (check Publix clearance as I saw these bags on clearance at our Mitchell Publix for under $6.00 last week) Click HERE for your coupon. Or head over to coupons.com and use zip code 33901. You can also snag a coupon through Publix’s mobile coupons.
  3. 41T4AIu5QYLWith every bag of Starbucks coffee you can also get Starbucks reward points to earn free drinks. Bring the bag into a Starbucks store and they will hand you a tall hot coffee or grande iced coffee. If you are already a rewards member check out this great post on how to make the most on earning BONUS Starbucks Stars!
  4. Another thing to look out for this month and next areexpired rebates.Starbucks will occasionally usepromotions like rebates and Groupons that are great for getting your coffee for even less!

** The math I am using, there are around 50 tablespoons per bag. I use around 1 mounded tablespoon per cup of coffee (my husband nearly doubles that). So for my math I used 40 cups per bag.

So why drink cheap coffee when you can brew one of the best at home for less.

Okay I have to go, my coffee is getting cold. 😉




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