Back-seat Driver

Here is my back-seat driver. 🙂
While I am biased to think that she is the cutest and smartest back-seat driver, her persistent comments and questions quickly grit my nerves while I am driving.

Wikipedia defines a back-seat driver as a vehicle passenger in the back seat who is not controlling the vehicle, and seems to be uncomfortable with the skills of the driver and/or wants to tutor the driver while the driver is at the wheel
What might prompt a back-seat driver to speak up: 
* they feel uncomfortable
* they do not trust the driver or feel he/she is out of control
* they simply believe they are smarter than the person at the wheel

Who is behind the wheel of your life?

To quote the famous theologian Carrie Underwood have you let “Jesus Take the Wheel”? Or have you placed him in the back seat? 🙂

Or are you already trusting in God to take the wheel and steer the direction of your life? If so, what kind of back-seat driver are you? 

As my four year old questions every traffic sign, colored light, and yield I make, I ask again, what kind of back-seat driver are you?

Take it further: As we grow older, the idea of handing over control of our lives feels uncomfortable. If you get a new manager at work, is it not difficult to immediately trust in his/her vision, direction, and control of your work? Likewise, giving up control of the direction, vision, and control of our lives is uncomfortable and can often feel “out of control”. The Bible simply calls us to trust (Proverbs 3:5-6). Just as my toddler in the back has limited vision of the road ahead, when God is at the wheel in our lives nothing is blocking his view of the road. We cannot fathom what He sees. Is there anyone better to trust with your life? Get God in the car. Get him out of the back seat. Stop being a back-seat driver. Not one of us can fathom where He is going to take us. 🙂

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