Beauty and The Beast Party {Hacks }

For my sister’s 30th party we went straight up 1993 with a “grown-ups only” Beauty and the Beast costume party. This post contains amazon affiliate links.

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While fun in theory, all of us are on a budget and were trying to come up with costume ideas without spending too much.

      • Gaston: red shirt, thick belt, boots, optional (pin brown string to the top of the front of the red shirt or cut and thread through) muscles optional 🙂

    • Chip: white shirt, orange/yellow pool noodle taped on to form the handle

  • Townspeople: white shirts, khakis, garden tools, vest Tom & Erica nailed it!
  • Cogsworth: Brown top, brown paints, large clock or painted clock on face
  • Duster Maid: black dress, white apron (or i found a satin pillow case at the dollar tree that can be easily cut into the shape of an apron)

Character Aprons created by my mom with SewFine by Carol. She makes these from fabric scraps! If only I had her crafty skills. She is amazing. You can msg her to get a quote for aprons for your party. Because these are sewn by hand, no two are exactly alike. Here are photos of my favorites. Find her on Facebook- Click HERE.


SUPER simple Lumiere costume
COST: under $5
TIME: under 5 minutes

Disclaimer: I am NOT crafty. I AM that mom who occasionally tries things from my pinterest board and if they come out less than expected I shamelessly insist that “my kids helped”. The truth is, I have the cutting and creative skills of a 4th grader. Keep that in mind when you see just how SIMPLE this costume idea is. these ideas are not for the craft but the simple, time, and budget deprived- like myself.

SUPER simple Lumiere costume made with less than $5 and in under 5 minutes

  • white shirt
  • khakis (I snagged these yellow pants from Goodwill for my husband for only $6)
  • gold duct tape (dollar tree) $1
  • two white planters (dollar tree) $2
  • yellow plates (dollar tree) $1
  • white top hat – My dh preferred not to wear this but easily a top hat can be transformed into a candle stick for the head.

Are you crafty and need a bigger creative challenge? Check out this post from Lisa on Pinterest! So resourceful AND absolutely beautiful.




My FAVORITE part. 🙂

We decided to theme the food for the night with three sections of the 1993 classic.

The breads and produce table got a “Village” make-over. My sister Christy beautifully laid out baskets lined with Belle’s classic blue fabric and antique books (.25 from thrift stores)  to mimic the view and feel at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast.


Gaston’s tavern table was filled with “hunting decor”- most of which I snatched from  my sons’ room. A “wild turkey” in a cast iron skillet, smoked ham, lunch meats and cheeses, and Gaston’s famous eggs. CLick here a FREE printable of the menu I created for the party:  Gaston MenuGaston Menu_blank To give it the aged look, wet a tea bag and gently dab around the menu. 


Castle desserts. Complete with a cake fit for a princess, a bowl of the birthday girl’s favorite candy, cookies, and jello-jiggler crowns and hearts (my sister-in-law makes the best jello jigglers).


Check out these princess pretzels!

Angie Croft with Pop Goes the Party created these for the party. Order cake pops, princess pretzels and more from her award winning company HERE. Check out their review 5 star reviews on YELP

Yes, they ARE as delicious as they look! It was shamelessly fun to eat these without having to share with my kids.


Games and Party Soundtrack

Here are a few of our fun Beauty and the Beast themed game ideas. Each game is played like minute-to-win-it games. Share your game ideas too!

Beauty and the Beast games (minute to win it)

Beastly Soup Etiquette: Inspired from the scenes where the Beast is trying to learn to eat as a prince

Pair up players and have them sit facing each other with a small table in between them. On the table is a bowl of soup. One player has a tiny spoon in his/her mouth. Both players are sitting with hands behind their backs. When the time begins, the player with the tiny spoon attempts to scoop out as much soup from the bowl into the other players mouth using just the tiny spoon. The team having scooped the the most soup into their teammates mouth in 60 seconds, wins.

Gaston’s EGG challenge: Using nothing but a spoon in your mouth, transfer six eggs from one bowl to another, in less than one minute. No hands! 2-3 players compete for each round of play. to make it more difficult: place the bowls on the heads of other players.

Chip Shake: (Play like minute-to-win-it JUNK IN THE TRUNK)

Thread an wide ribbon through the hand of a tea cup for each player. To play the game, strap the tea cup onto the player’s back, and fill it with 6-8 poker/checker CHIPS. Shake, shimmy, jump, and dance around until all of the chips have fallen out of the tea cup. No using your hands and no laying down! This game is hysterical to watch! Click HERE to watch us play.

Book Stack: Teams work together to stack books in a pile using their feet. The team with the highest tower of books after 30/60 seconds wins.

Rose Petal Peel: Contestants compete to peel apart a rose – petal by petal-wearing oven mits.

Village Bakery: Tie pastries or bread to a string (I added sausage too). Choose players to compete eating the pastries using their mouths ONLY. The first person to eat their entire pastry from the string wins. Careful not to eat the sausage from the village butcher shop! Click HERE to watch us play. 🙂 I love my sister giggling in the background. Thanks George and Christy for taking the videos!

 Dance Party Playlist

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