Bible Verses for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Woowhoo! Last night I got a night of 5+ straight hours of sleep.

With 3 little ones that doesn’t happen often. I do cherish my midnight cuddles after bad dreams and late night feeding times with baby Sadie but I have MISSED getting to just rest.

Praise God! I got some sleep. 🙂

I guess I put that because I have been slacking on posting blogs. When I lack in sleep, I tend to lack in everything else. You too?

But today I got sleep, a cup of coffee and I am ready to type. 🙂


For the past 8 months I have had the unexpected privilege of writing for the Children’s Ministry @ Harborside Church in Safety Harbor Florida. It has taken me those 8 months to finally realize that I could be sharing some of the fun resources God has blessed me with creating… with you!

So here is my first share…

Below are some fun graphics, rhymes, and coloring pages for Bible Verses  you can do at home with the kids.

One fun recommendation… print out the memory verse you are working on and place it in a central location in a fun picture frame. Reward kiddos with left over Halloween candy or stickers whenever they can recite parts or all of the memory verses. What a GREAT opportunity YOU have at making memorizing God’s Word a fun memory for the kids.


For FREE printables and Bible verses themed with the Thanksgiving and Fall Season click HERE.

Give thanks to the Lord, (extend arms in front of body)

because he is good.
 (two thumbs up)

His faithful love (give yourself a hug)

continues (endures) forever. (raise your arms up and spin around)

Psalm 136:1 (hold out hands like a book)


Image from


Image from

… Then Samuel said, (hold out hands like a book)

“Speak, (cup hands around your mouth

for your servant (use both thumbs to point to self)

is listening.” (cup a hand by your ear)

1 Samuel 3:10 (hold out hands like a book)

Image by

Image by

The Honest Company


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“My God (point fingers above head into the air)

will meet (bring both hands together in front of you in a clap/clasp on the word ‘meet’)

all your needs.” (do jazz hands from above your head down to each side)

Philippians 4:19 (hold out hands like a book)

We used this verse when we studied the story of God providing manna to Moses and the Israelites in the dessert. (Exodus 16; Numbers 11:7–9)

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For FREE printables and Bible verses themed with the Thanksgiving and Fall Season click HERE.

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