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I grew up watching my Mom cut my Dad, sisters, brother, and my hair. I even had the crazy bangs in the early 90’s so everyone knew my Mom cut my hair. (Sry Mom. My larger than average forehead may also have been part of the issue.) 

This weekend, as I watched her trim my Dad’s grey balding head of “hair” I was reminded that this too was one way my family saves money- hair cuts at home.

I will admit it did take a few bad haircuts on my husband and daughter before I realized this thing called youtube that had tutorials to teach me to cut hair the right way.


It’s a good thing she is pretty stinking cute (says the biased Mommy) here are a few shots of my oldest daughter a few years back when I cut her hair WAY too short. I forgot that when you cut hair wet, when it dries is does not appear as long. oops.


So here it is… my money saving tip to share today is to try cutting hair at home. If you pay $25 +$5 tip -or maybe btwn you and kids your average spending is $30 per visit (yes- I have chosen a low $$ for a cut to do this money saving math). For two people getting haircuts every 6-8 weeks, cutting hair at home saves $360- 480 a year. Here are some of my favorite (and simple) videos and products to cutting hair at home.

.To keep my son sitting during a cut, I always let him pick out a movie to watch and enjoy a lollipop or two. 🙂

Once you get through the first few minutes of the hair wash, here is a great close up tutorial on a popular men’s cut:

Now I am not brave enough to try this but my girlfriend swears by these hair cutting capes. For those hubbies who like to trim their hair over the bathroom sink and not clean it up… here is an interesting hair cutting cape to try.


2 thoughts on “Cutting Hair at Home

  1. Youtube is a great resource. While my husband was very proficient at cutting my hair, when I decided to ask him to help me give my boys their haircuts after they each got two bad haircuts in a row at the barbershop, Youtube was where we went to view a few tutorials. We got the clippers and cape at Sally’s. Making sure you have the proper tools and supplies is a must to do the job properly. I didn’t like the way the barber would skin the sides of their heads, amazing there are attachments that fit on the clippers that control length rather than just scalp setting. So now they have better looking haircuts and between the cost of the haircuts, tip and transportation I save over $600 a year. I get my hair colored with henna (no toxic industrial chemicals in it) with better results than at the salon. I figure between my haircuts and color, it saves me over $1500 a year. And unlike the salon and barbershop my husband doesn’t give bad haircuts.

    • Cheryl that is too funny! I like the henna idea and will have to try it. Thank you for sharing!

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