With my husband already in Vegas for work, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to extend his stay and have me fly out for a little getaway weekend.

For Adrian and myself, we might have gotten married young and became parents at a young age but we live by the idea that we will spend the rest of our lives together dating one another.


Now, being married, it may seem more like we are #fightingforlife. During those times- the days when we fall harder out of love than in it- that by God’s grace we are reminded that our love for one another is a truly our choice. We may once have fallen in love together but for the rest of our lives- staying in love, fighting through the emotions and tiredness of life, investing in getting to know one another throughout all of lifes ups, downs and changes- it’s all our choices.

Choosing to forgive when the other one doesn’t even admit to a wrong. Choosing not to keep score when our patience is running into the negative. And choosing to spend time and money investing in a relationship that has an account drained and running on overdrafts.

The only overdraft protection in marriage is the grace, forgiveness, and love you are willing to pour into your marriage “account”.
No one is going to invest for you, and in fact, often times the world will make you feel crazy for putting more into an account when alternative investments (affairs, emotionally beneficial male friends, masturbation …. Etc) seem to be the investments satisfying more immediate and higher returns.

I am in it for the long term investment. We are in it for the longterm. Vegas might cost money and time that is hard to justify sacrificing but going away to date your spouse is an expense that costs less than the loss marriages often suffer.

We are #datingforlife. I challenge you to join us. If you are single, you can start today. Start with yourself. Begin investing in dating you. Getting to know and value yourself. If you are married you can start today. Only you decide when it is “too late”. The Creator of love and life offers his penship to your life. Why not take Him up on it? Don’t sell yourself short with the worldly “knock offs” and short term investments that might yield immediate returns of sexual satisfaction and happiness. Trust God with the longterm. The payout is beyond what we can dream up on our own.


We just might have been having a little too much fun on the flight back. 🙂



My amazing hair. Lol. So I guess the flying and dry heat gives new definition to #hotmess

Next post… Vegas Fun! Our pictures from the trip.

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