Depth Perception

In honor of “Eye Health and Safety Month” I thought it appropriate to blog about perception. We all become people of opinion and behavior based upon our perceptions. It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how many perceptions I have and how EVERYTHING I say and do is based upon them.

Here are some common perceptions of mine:

  • If the label says organic than is must be healthier.
  • If the commercial appealed to me than the product must be good for me too.

Some other examples might include…

  • If my kiddos wake me up early, my perception is usually that it is going to be a loooong day… and my actions/attitude follow that perception.
  • If someone cuts me off while driving, I perceive that person as ignorant…and my actions/attitude follow that perception.
  • If someone else disagrees with me on something I strongly believe in, I may perceive them as lacking knowledge… and my actions/attitude follow that perception.
  • Once a month I perceive my husband as a jerk… and my actions/attitude follow that perception.

How much does my perception affect my actions and attitude?

When our physical eyes fail to see correctly, would we refuse to take the advise of a professional eye doctor to correct the lack of vision?

How often might my perceptions be affected by my own near sighted and far sightedness?

A preoccupied mind, preconceieved notions, and past expereinces can keep us from seeing something that is within our field of vision.

When my vision is limited than my “field of vision” is cutting off some objects that could be right in front of me. But it is the extent of what we allow in our “field of vision” that determines what we see.

Let’s take this to scripture. Once something finally enters our field of vision it becomes faithless. Need explanation? Faith is: Heb 11:1 (NIV) Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. 

We are made by God, in His image… but are not God. He created galaxies and universes that our human minds and eyes are too limited to ever see. Where our field of vision ends we have to trust know that the Creator’s field of vision extends far beyond. 

How many times to we pray and plead with God for something but wait until we can see the answer in plain sight to move to action? What if that waiting causes us to miss out on something incredible that God has set right in front of us? We are called to follow the Lord whole heartedly (Deuteronomy 1:56). Are we following our Lord with our WHOLEhearts? When we follow anything other than Our Great Physician we are the blind-leading the blind. Trust His vision. Don’t let your perceptions keep you from the depth He has intended for your life.

What I am reading: Deuteronomy 1

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