My Simple Snapshots: Mommy Devotionals


I have slowly but surely been collecting all my posts on devotional thoughts and scriptures.

Each post is a snapshot of a time and thought. A picture of God’s grace in the midst of ordinary, mundane, and even suffering. Moments when God has allowed me to see- Him, Truth, and Purpose.

My hope and prayer is that maybe one silly thought or crazy time might inspire and help you to grow closer to God in your own life.


  1. Shadow of a Life
  2. 15 Ways to Destroy Your Marriage
  3. What I Saw Along the Way
  4. Trying to Remember
  5. Flannel Graphs, Flakes, Loaves, and Provisions
  6. Thanks-GIVING and Thankfulness
  7. Miscarriage 
  8. Life Interrupted
  9. Consequences
  10. The Year of Parties
  11. Whatever Comes My Way I Will Trust You
  12. Choosing to Fight: For Your Marriage
  13. Bachelor Confession
  14. Back Seat Driver
  15. In Christ We Lose the Right to be Right
  16. Reaching for Shooting Stars 
  17. Choosing Rejection
  18. Whatever You Go Through Today
  19. Wise Words For The Week
  20. When You Listen To Your Wife…
  21. Dissension and Hate
  22. If At First You Don’t Succeed
  23. Early To Rise: Confession
  24. Making the Most of Your Mornings : Blog Shout Out
  25. Whispers : Blog Shout Out
  26. Big Brother Love
  27. When Doubts Fill My Mind
  28. The Water We Drink
  29. Hope
  30. Restore
  31. Isaiah 1:16-20
  32. Learning From Friends
  33. The Barber Shop
  34. The Game Changer
  35. Anxious
  36. Happy Father’s Day to the Father of All
  37. Never Forget Where You Came From
  38. Today I Feel Rich
  39. He Cannot be Fathomed
  40. If You’re Unhappy And You Know It
  41. A Powerful Reminder
  42. Exhausted Driver
  43. 12 Days of Christmas
  44. From the Eyes of a Child: Vantage Point
  45. To Santa or Not to Santa (Guest Blogger: Mom)
  46. JOY Epiphany
  47. Oceans Where Feet May Fail (Hillsong)
  48. Provisions & Planning
    1. P&P 1
    2. P&P 2
    3. P&P 3
  49. When My Stubborn Cries Meet His Gentle Lullaby
  50. Being Mommy “Is What I Do” (poem)
  51. To You I Raise a Shoe
  52. The Ugly Stepchild- Self Sufficiency
  53. Pushing Past the Fears
  54. Really? (SNL Parody)
  55. Emotions (vlog)
  56. Judging the Book
  57. A Morning in Grace
  58. Dating for Life
  59. What Stress Does to Mommy
  60. Homescreen
  61. Dirty Words, Deities, & Diets


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