Workout {kid-friendly}

 I am a Mom of four very active little kids . It is hard to find time or energy to workout by myself. So, I have found that my best workouts include my kids. They enjoy the quality time with Mommy and I enjoy the feeling I get after the stretching and workouts. (And making those memories with my kids, of course.) 🙂 As you try these fun poses and stretches remember that I am not a trained workout professional. Always consult a physician before starting any strenuous exercise routine. Thank you to my #realmom workout models aka mom friends.


Works Your: Abs, Back, Legs – Thighs

Baby Bridge Pose Works Your: Abs, Butt, Hips





London Bridge Works Your: legs, back, core

Works your: Abs (core)
Works Your: Core (Abs), Butt, Back
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Even our super mom Jenn had to take time out to take care of
her sweet daughter Jayden. 
When you try these at home, expect to be interrupted.
Try and enjoy it. They days of them needing us are short. 🙂
Please be aware that I am not a certified physical trainer. Consult a physician before starting any strenuous physical work out. Stretch before and after all workouts.


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