Dirty Words, Deities, & Diets

Did you know what the two most controversial topics that churches get the most flack for covering are? Money and sex. Why do you suppose that is?

Could it be because

those are the two areas of life that every person hates giving someone else control of?

Shoot. For me it is.

Simply put, it makes me uncomfortable to hear someone else tell me how I should be living sexually and how I should be prioritizing financially. Those are private matters, right?

Here is the craziness… when did we forget that God is in the private details of our lives? He sees when lay down and sleep and when we wake up (Psalm 3:5) so I am pretty sure he can see when we are involved in anything sexually and he sees how we spend our resources.

Our sermon Sunday was great on this subject. At one point Kurt said,

What do we think, that at one point God looked back at Adam and Eve going at it and was like… what are you doing? Wait what is going on?

If God created the parts, don’t you think He knows best how to use them? And yes, I am talking body parts.

God made us. God made sex. So, can we trust Him?

What about the money?

David (the Goliath slayer-turned king) wanted to be the one to build God’s Temple (The first “permanent” place for the people to go to worship with God.) God informed David that his son Solomon would be the one to build it. As I read 1 Chronicles 27-28, my heart is praising with David as he encourages his people to give to God, believe in the vision of building the temple, and rally around God’s call to make Solomon the next King and builder of the Temple. David is doing all of this KNOWING that he won’t even be around for the building of the Temple. Crazy.

I don’t know about you but for me it is so easy to put conditions on how, when, and to whom I give my money to. What if I gave and believed like David?

How often do we put “conditions” on the things we give to God and then are surprised when He does not multiply, bless, and use us the way we hoped?

For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. Hosea 6:6

Could it be that God wants us to give to Him so we can see what He gives back to us?

Could the intimacies we exchange in this life be another chance for us to experience getting to intimately experience and know the Creator of the Universe?

Why are we making sex and money deities and dirty words?

How can we quit with the “diets” in faith that lead us to skimp on the meaty-ness of eating up God’s Word and indulging in living a life fully sold out for Him- fully trusting and not settling for imitation sweeteners?

Following Christ was never meant to be a 40 day fad diet. 

For me, I’m over the crumbs. I’m ready to stop settling for the delicious crumbs sin offers. While they are pieces of what we desire- they are but crumbs.

Like the crumbs of a decedent cake  fallen off the plate, sex outside of God’s will never fully satisfy. The taste may be mouth watering and offer temporary happiness but it will always leave us craving more. Quit settling for crumbs. We were meant for more.


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