DIY Freezing Corn

cornHere is a delicious Money Saving Monday post for you: How to freeze fresh corn.

One way my family saves money is by eating produce that is in season. When fruits and veggies are picked and bought “in season” not only are they at their tastiest ever but they are also at their lowest cost.

What are some other fruits and veggies that are in season right now in Florida?Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 7.22.13 | 9.10.18 Check out at complete list of produce in season year round in Florida here.

The other day I took 5 kiddos to our local Super Target. When I saw corn on sale for 20cents each I just couldn’t help myself. I let my little minion shoppers fill the cart.

I used the delicious corn over the past few weeks but as of today I still had 20 left. What is a girl to do?

I prepped the corn and froze it- that way my family can enjoy this delicious corn for the next few months. Here is how I did it: DIY Freezing 20 ears of corn in under 25 minutes

2013-07-11 14.37.29-2

Step 1: Shuck all corn and rinse.

Corny Question: Should my corn be organic?
– If you want but corn is one of the veggies that is lowest in harmful pesticides. I usually don’t buy it organic. 

Step 2: Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Drop corn into the water and boil for 5 minutes. (I was able to fit 5 in the pot at one time.)

Corny Question: What is a rolling boil? 
– The way I know I have a rolling boil is when I have the liquid boiling rapidly even when I stir. I took video of the rolling boil I had in hopes that it might help.

2013-07-11 14.44.41-2

Step 3: Remove the corn from the boiling water and drop them immediately into an ice bath to blanch them.

2013-07-11 14.45.26-2

I blanched the corn in a bowl of ice water. Be ready to go through a lot of ice if you are prepping as much corn as I did.

2013-07-11 14.45.33-2

Corny Question: What does blanching mean?
– Blanching is when you take a food (usually a fruit or veggie) and take it from cooking to cold water or a bucket of ice. This helps to halt the cooking process of the corn. That way you are not freezing mushy or overcooked corn.

2013-07-11 14.49.02-2

Step 4: Cut the corn off of the cobs and place into air tight containers for freezing.

2013-07-11 15.12.04-2

Step 5: Write the date on your containers and place in your freezer for use later in the month/year.

Corny Question: How long can my corn stay in the freezer?
– I have read that corn can be stored for 8 months to 1 year in the freezer.

 Total Spent: $4.00 for 20 ears of corn yields around the equivalent of around 20- 26 cans of corn (15oz). (Except they are yummier and fresh!)

Here is another method for freezing corn with little/no prep. I have never tried it but it seems extremely easy. I may try it next year.

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