DIY Salad Jars :: post 1 Beginner Basics

Why we LOVE Salad Jars!

  1. It helps our produce last longer!
  2. I can make them ahead and use them all week long for lunches and dinners
  3. They save $$ on our weekly lunch budget. My husband takes them to work and I eat them at home!
  4. Forget end-of-the-week soup… salad jars are a great way to make the most of meats and veggies left over each week!
  5. I can use any produce and proteins we have and love!
  6. From pastas to lettuce the possibilities are endless!IMG_0734
  7. My kids eat them! When your children help make them they will eat them! Let them choose what goes in a jar! Even if it seems silly- let them help prep!

My 7 year old loves them so much she is working on a few cute videos of how we make our favorite salad jars. I will post them next week along with money saving tips to making the most of your salad jars without paying too much!

I read about salad jars a while but all the posts and recipes seemed overwhelming. It wasn’t until I came across this that I realized how simple they were to make.

The only recipes for making salad jars is this:

  1. pour in 1-4 tbsp of dressing, hummus, or salsa
  2. add “non absorbant” (See image above) veggies and then additional veggies
  3. add your carb, protein, nuts, and/or dairy (stop here if making pasta salad)
  4. add your leafy greens (if using them) and push down into the jar
  5. place lid on the jar and refrigerate. Jars keep for 5-7+ days

IMG_0733** if using avocados, fruits, or hardboiled eggs I recommend packaging them separately or adding them the day you plan to eat the salad as they will not keep as well.


Here is my last post & video about salad jars.


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