Eclipse Fun

As a Mommy of 4, it is funny how many people ask if I homeschool. 😂 nope. My husband and I ship our littles off to public school every day to an incredible staff – praying for their safety and excited to hear how God uses them to love others. (A blog post for another day) 😉 

One minor detail though about our parenting… if we are given a day – like #eclipseday – where they have an excused absence… we take it! 

So today I dusted off our #vintage #macbook and kept kids home for some fun #eclipse crafts and learning. But seriously that Mac is as old as my marriage vows +a decade and a few years. 😳

Here are the sites I used for #free tutorials and downloads:

FREE Eclipse Printables from (thanks Virginia) my 3year old and 9 year old loved these!

FREE 3 minute Educational Video for kids about Solar Eclipses (thanks freeschool & NASA)

FREE Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer tutorial from hilaroad

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