Faith of the Is Nots

Every person is a “person of faith”. It is just a question of where we put our faith.

Many of us are (or have been) people of faith in our sins. We refuse to have faith in anything but in the meantime we have a faith that that our sin and selfish habits “are not” that bad. Our selfish life style is not that bad. We still are good people. Our selfish words do not mean anything about having a selfish heart. Our lack of service for others does not mean we are bad people. Our sin is not going to keep me from Heaven-if there is a heaven- and is not bad enough to land me reserved seating in Hell- if there is a Hell. Do you get where I am going? 
What is wrong with this picture? We work so hard to say that we “don’t have faith” when the whole while we have developed a faith in ourself and our selfish habits. Our “faith”is at its root- defensive. Well, anything that is defensive is so because there is believed to be another party that poses a threat of some sort. So my question is, if I have faith in my sin, what am I in defense against? There must be something else, some other power, some other truth, that exists that I feel so strongly I must live in defense.

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