Fidget Spinner Devotion for Kids

It has been a while since I posted a teachable moment with kids but this one was to fun not to post.

With the #fidgetspinner craze I wanted to utilize the new fun gadget to get the kids thinking and talking about their faith.


Sarah at posted a fun and simple tutorial to build your own fidget spinner with legos. My kids LOVE these.

So how do you have a faith fueled fidget fun teachable moment with kids?

Get out the spinners or use Sarah’s lego tutorial to build your own and start talking with the kids:

  • What makes a fidget spinner so fun and cool?
  • Which one piece will the spinner not work without?
  • Which part of the spinner is the most important part?
  • Without the center, how would it spin?

When we read our Bible we learn about who God is, why He made us, how much He loves, and what He has planned for us.

  • Get out a bible and find Colossians 1:17.

He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

  • Who is this “He” we are reading about?

God is a super creative Creator. He made everything. (Psalm 8:3, Hebrews 1:10, Genesis 1:1-2:25) He created everything this world needs to exist. Without him nothing exists or holds together. He is the CENTER of it all. You are so creative like Him making your spinners. 😉

  • What would our world look like without Him?

God wants to be at the center of our lives too. Sometimes life spins around and is fun and sometimes bad things happen and it seems our days are spinning out of control. (Spin your fidget spinner.) If we can keep God at the center, no matter what, He will help us through. (Share a personal story of God being at the center of your life when it seemed life was spinning out or control.)

We cannot move him to the right, left, or remove him altogether and still expect the same results. Just like with our fidget spinners: If the center piece was missing what would happen? (This is fun if using legos. Move the center lego piece to connect to different parts of the spinner.. show the kids and ask how it affects the whole toy.)

  • How can we keep God at the center of our day today?
  • How can we keep God at the center of our hearts?
  • How can we keep God at the center of our lives?

Read more together to help answer the questions above:

Ephesians 2:19-22 This passage refers to Jesus as a “cornerstone“. This would be the foundational CENTRAL stone that connects and keeps a structure in place. Like a big ole’ lego fidget spinner 😉

Proverbs 3:6, 1 Corinthians 8:6, Matthew 6:31-33, Acts 17:28, Colossians 3:17, Romans 12:2 (for older kids/teens)


Comment and let me know your feedback. What worked for you? Any other verses you thought of?

Thx- Amy



2 thoughts on “Fidget Spinner Devotion for Kids

  1. Thanks Amy…this is great. I’m preparing a lessons for a camp using the idea you mentioned above. Thanks for starting me out in the right direction…it’s true…God has to be central to everything.

    • Thanks for the encouragement John! Please post a picture from the camp. Thank you for pouring into the kids!

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