#FloridaFlour :: Making Coconut Flour

This morning I am making some good ole’ coconut flour… or as I like to call it Florida Flour.

One thing we have a lot of here in Fl (other than sunshine and hurricanes) is coconuts. So what is a Fl girl to do with all these coconuts? Well, when life gives you coconuts… make flour, milk, yogurt, and oil!

I will post recipes soon. Here are just a few pics of my coco-nutty adventures!

Here is my coconut cohort and co-chef, Aaron. Here are our coco-nutty faces. 🙂


Here are just a few of the steps it takes to make coconut flour. One bonus that I wasn’t counting on was that this whole process really softened my hands. Which makes sense because I was essentially working with the coconut oil during this process too.


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