Frugal Friday: DIY Canning Jalapenos

DIY Canning Jalapenos
Canning Jalapenos from the garden!

This is a family favorite! In Florida, I can pretty much grow jalapenos year round. While my Spring garden is slowly wilting away, our peppers have never looked better! I have far from a “green thumb” but these plants are ruthless. It is a good thing my husband loves to eat them on almost anything. 🙂

1. Gather jalapenos and rinse.

2. Slice the jalapenos to your liking. We like them in slices
and whole. Don’t forget the rubber gloves! The seeds and
oils from inside the peppers will burn tremendously.


3.  When canning whole jalapenos be sure to tear off
the stems and puncture the jalapenos. If canning
sliced jalapenos remember that the more seeds you
keep in your canning the hotter it will be.


4. Place 1/2 clove (or minced) garlic and 1 tsp of
kosher salt (or canning salt) in the bottom of each
jar. Pack mason jars with the prepared jalapenos.
(Make sure you properly sterilize your jars
before canning.)



5. (I forgot to take a picture of this part.) Bring 1 part
water with 2 parts vinegar to a boil. Once it begins
to boil remove it from the heat and pour into your
prepared jars. Leave at least 1/2 inch of space between
the peppers and the rim of the jar.

Make sure your liquid is covering the peppers.


6. Wipe excess liquid off of the rims of your
jars and lids. Tighten your lids onto the jars.
Place your canned jalapenos into water
(at rolling boil) for 10 minutes. This will
seal the cans.

Remove from the heat and let the jars cool.

As the canned peppers cool you will hear their lids make a “popping” noise. This just confirms that the lids are fully sealed. Store the jars and enjoy using throughout the year!





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