Frugal Friday: Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking

Yummy Freezer Friendly Meals for the Crockpot
For years I have heard about this “freezer cooking” and read about it in other blogs. It sounds simple enough but very time consuming. The idea is that you make an initial sacrifice of time to save time at later dates when you are in need of a meal. Since I had a little time this week I decided to give it a shot!

I found so many great “freezer friendly” recipes I made quite
the menu! You do not have to make as many as I did. Start by
making just one freezer meal and then add another few recipes
the next time you give it a try.
Avoid my mistake: I thought I could plan, prep, and freeze in one afternoon. Boy was I wrong! I recommend setting aside a day (or just a few hours one night) to make your menu and make sure you have all the ingredients. Then set aside a day to prep, cook, and freeze!

Great Freezer Friendly Recipes:
(click “Real Food” tab)
(click “From My Kitchen” tab)
Please leave a comment with your favorite freezer friendly meals!

Pros: If you have a busy week or month (most of these recipes will last in the freezer around 3 months) this will allow you to have a home cooked meal on those nights.
Also, I strongly believe that we each are called to use whatever God has put in our hands to bless others. I may not be a millionaire but I have the hands and can find the time to make a meal for another family that needs it. The gift of food extends beyond any language or belief barrier to show love. Blessing someone else could be as simple as creating a double batch of one of these meals. (Many of these are double batch recipes.)

Cons: It will take time and create a mess. The crock pot freezer meals are simpler & take less prep than the ones that require baking and make less mess.

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