Frugal Friday: Growing a Garden

Growing a Garden in Florida

Some months I feel like I have the farthest thing from a green thumb. Gardening in Florida can be incredibly easy some months and others it seems that grass is the only thing that grows.

Here are the best resources I have found for growing fruits and veggies in our South Florida climate. Did you know that you can plant perennials in your garden? Plant them once and pick their fruits all year round!

Madi “helping” Mommy in our garden.
She was not much help but the memories
are worth the mess! 🙂

We LOVE gardening in my home. Start a little garden with your kids. If they get a little dirty, have fun hosing them off and playing outside. 🙂

Organic gardening: Click HERE
Container gardening: Click HERE
Learn more from ECHO about gardening in South Florida.
Click HERE

If you do not have the space or time to grow a garden, find a local farm and produce co-ops.
Click HERE
* If you are local: I am a part of a local organic produce co-op. For my local friends who want information on this co-op email Elizabeth

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