Frugality At It’s Finest

Here you have it… frugality at it’s finest.

Sometimes I get asked for money saving tips that I use for my family. In fact that was one of the reasons for starting a blog in the first place. Well here is my #frugalfriday money saving tip (or confession). lol

I buy Holiday themed baking goods after the Holidays when they are marked down really cheap. For example: here are some chocolate chips that went down from around $3 to $1.70 after Christmas. PLUS during holidays there are always coupons for baking items. I used $1.00 off coupons to snag these chocolate chips for only .70 a bag!

2014-02-07 13.20.41

Check the expiration on these items. While the Holiday may have come and gone, most of these baking goods do not expire for a year or more!

Separate the Chips! Even though these baking items may be colored to match the season you can still use them year round. Here my 3 year old and I are separating the Christmas chocolate chips. Green will come in handy for St. Patrick’s Day and the red I will use for Valentines Day treats! I have also snagged great deals on Easter colored cake mixes, chocolate chips, frostings..etc. These are great because the “Easter” colors are simply pastel rainbows that work great for any childs’ Birthday cake or cupcakes!