Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Boy oh boy… the past few months have flown by for me. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Today I have been busy getting some fun Holiday ideas together for another website that I love. I am putting together some Thanksgiving craft, game, decoration..etc ideas for Heidi at If you have not checked out her site- you should! She has so many fun and free resources for parents of little ones.

As I sit here typing up everything (at Starbucks of course), I thought I would post a “sneak peek” for you on my blog. 🙂

So, here is a peek at a fun family Thanksgiving craft and recipe Adrian and I will be doing with the kiddos tonight! Feel free to try them out and share!

Pinecone basket (with a twist)

Go outside with the kids and find a few beautiful pinecones.

Bring them in the house and place them in a basket as decoration. (Option: buy some potpourri and add it to the mix  or purchase a large candle to place in the center to make this centerpiece smell extra nice.)

While the kids are sleeping get out small slips of paper. On each slip of paper write out one reason you Thank God for each of your kiddos. Tuck these pieces of paper so they hide in the pinecones. Each day, let your kids search the pinecones for one hidden piece of paper.  J

“I am Thankful” modge podge centerpiece plate.

  • modge podge
  • ceramic plate (you can pick these up at The Dollar Tree)
  • magazines
  • paint (optional: if you want to “tint” the modge podge after it dries)

(We started making one this morning)

With your kiddos, use the magazines to pick out pictures of things they love and things they are thankful for. Use the modge podge to stick the pictures to the plate.

Do this as a family and use each Thanksgiving as a fun centerpiece or even wall art. What a great reminder of what you are thankful for. Do not use for food just decoration.

Food safe alteration: using permanent markers allow your children to draw pictures on individual ceramic plates of what they are thankful for. Bake the plate and then wash it. Use this plate for their Thanksgiving dinner each year!


Pumpkin roll or Pumpkin Muffin Turkeys

Bake a Pumpkin Roll or Pumpkin muffins. (Madi has been begging me to bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so that is what we will be making tonight.)

Slice the pumpkin roll into 1” slices.

Using additional ingredients like: cream cheese/cream cheese frosting, apples, grapes, and raisins/craisins

Decorate your delicious baked good to look like a turkey

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