Good Morning LEGO Builders

Good Morning,

As I enjoy my morning with a cup of coffee in hand, my kids are beginning some fun Summer activities.


Today, they chose legos! Surprise Surprise

I printed off some fun Lego printables from my Pinterest, found Bible stories about builders in the Bible (Noah, Babel..etc) and these guys are engaged.

As I watch them work, I can’t help but be reminded of the innate desire each of us has to build and create something meaningful. Genesis 1:27 tells us that we are all created in God’s likeness- so this should come as no grand surprise to me. If we were all made by the Master Creator and bear attributes “like” him… well then of course we have similar desires.

Life is all about our choice in how we pursue these passions and desires. What will I build? Who will it be for?

Will I be like Solomon building a Temple for the King of Kings but than an even larger kingdom for myself?

Or will I be like Jesus’ disciples, giving up the careers and passions I hold so dear to be a part of building a kingdom for Jesus Christ?

The irony is, as a Mom, I desire for my kids to be builders in His kingdom but often I get caught up in what I am building at home, in my bank account, or at work that I stop exemplifying that.

 Life is not about our little kingdoms but His Kingdom. See, even God get’s priority in grammar with capital letters. Our kingdoms are not even deserving of capital letters in the English language. Why do we give them capital priorities in life?

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