2018 A New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution

Giving marriage the middle finger.

Taking a stand against social norms that challenge the institution of marriage.

While my waistline may argue that I need a new years resolution to grow my discipline of hitting the gym… this new years my resolution is to take a stand for a happy marriage. In a culture where the social norm is abandon your job, family, marriage, values and whatever else in pursuit of personal happiness… I am giving it the middle finger. Since when do celebrity endorsements ensure the statistical success of my marriage?

Have childhood idioms and phrases not taught us anything?

you are what you eat

make lemons out of lemonade

keep trying keep trying… you’ll get it right

color outside the lines

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

If I want to find more happiness in my marriage this year… then I am going to eat happiness in my marriage. I am going to drank me some lemons and add some sugar and spice of my own to make some kick *** marriage lemonade. Or shoot, we all know Jesus turned water into wine… add me some Jesus as the main squeeze and have a margarita kind of a marriage.

And since when does “can’t stand the heat…” mean throw down your apron, run like hell from traditional commitment and second guess your intimacy orientation? Just cause the heat is too much in the kitchen- step out and create some heat in another room. Catch my drift… What woman doesn’t want an excuse to get out of the kitchen anyway? You want a date with your man? Plan it. You want his attention? Get him away from work, kids, and expectations. You make the financial sacrifice on your relationship with him.

In 2018 “coloring outside the lines” means dating your husband, spending more time pouring into your intimacy in your bedroom than workplace relationships, and shutting up when wanting to verbal slap your spouse with sarcastic cut-downs. Don’t settle for a marriage that sucks. Don’t settle for greater emotional connections with co-workers, church friends, or social media news feeds. Set aside expectations and temporary satisfactions to make marriage goals that last. I don’t want a marriage that sucks. I want one that is fun, memorable, and enjoyable.

So I am owning my investments in 2018. I will not blame my fails in marriage on him or rationalize them based on social expectations. I am drinking it up and getting out the crayons.

Hello 2018.

…  I greet you with this resolution:

I am going back to my child-like faith in life.

I am going to color outside the lines of what American social norms are setting for me.

I am making lemonade out of my marriage lemons.

I am going to get out of the kitchen and turn up the heat in my marriage.

I am taking a big bite out of commitment and sticking with my marriage this year.

And in the words of “Yo Gabba Gabba” I will keep trying….

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