Halloween: Teaching kids to celebrate life


Since we live in Florida, the theme park HUB of the nation. It is nearly impossible to avoid the Halloween themed billboards and commercials. We realized this a few years back and decided that instead of trying to avoid the Halloween celebration in our home, we would use this Holiday to have fun and teach truths that our family can really have fun celebrating.

For many people Halloween is a celebration of death, demonic imagery, witchcraft, or simply  anything to get blood pumping people scared. In our house, we celebrate that Jesus defeated death! What else is be better than that?!  Who is the one person who ever “beat” death? Jesus! Jesus Christ showed, when he died on the cross and then rose to life, that he was the strongest EVER! Not anything evil or even death has power over him.  When we follow Christ, we have nothing to fear. What are some fun ways you can celebrate this this Halloween?

 Click HERE for another great article about how we can honor God during this season. For more ideas on teaching your kids and teens about Jesus defeating death, Jesus as the Light of the world, and having no need for fear, visit HERE.

Pumpkins can also be a great conversation starter for you and the kiddos. Here are a few fun ways we have used pumpkins to celebrate and ways to use them to spark a great conversation about God’s light in us on Halloween:

Pumpkin Mask Crafts

8729d40742dfd10ead08a9b53a17f183Check out this great devotional about how we are God’s pumpkins.

Painting Pumpkins & Pumpkin Carving






We painted pumpkins while the kiddos were little to keep them involved without using knives. 🙂


What’s in the Bible? FREE Costume and Candy Kit

Check out this free downloadable Halloween costume pack that includes: printables to help you dress up as your favorite What’s in the Bible? character – put on some Buck Denver hair, or make your own Sunday School Lady t-shirt. The pack also includes printable Halloween candy tags that share a free Gospel video from What’s in the Bible? with everyone who comes trick-or-treating at your house.

Here is another great article from What’s In the Bible? about “Can Christians Really Celebrate Halloween?

Mr. Pumpkin Head

image-2Have fun using those Mr. Potato Head toys you have around the house. Click here for one of my older posts about how pumpkins can teach us just how special we are to God. This is one of my favorite past posts!!

FREE Pumpkin Activity Printables

I love love love these printables! There are so many great ones to choose that are perfect for every age.

FREE printables, game ideas, crafts and more

Check out what great Halloween book suggestions, games ideas, printables…etc that Heidi at ABCJesusLovesMe.com has!

Fun FREE Graphics for Fall and Halloween

This site has so many FREE graphics perfect for any bloggers needs for Fall posts.

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