Happy Father’s Day to the Father of All

Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones but today I simply feel overcome with adoration for my Dad in Heaven.

I recently watched a great movie Blue Like Jazz– based on the book by Donald Miller. (It is on Netflix.) One of my favorite lines in the whole movie is when the main character tells his professor that if the Christians are right and there is a God calling himself a “Father” it is “just bad marketing”. At first thought, this seems so true.

Some fathers walk out. Some fathers give up. Some fathers fight for their families. Some fathers are verbally defeated by their wives. Some fathers no matter how much they try to provide and protect it is just not “good enough”.

But what if this all has more to do with our Father in Heaven than all the men falling short on earth?

Think about it. Why do little kids look to a male father figure to be a hero? Why do they look to the men with an expectation for love – almost a supernatural love? Why do kids hope, beyond all hopes, even when their fathers let them down time and time again? Do you now what I mean? We need dads to love us more, whenever we need it, no matter what… boy, those are high expectations.

So is this short supply of “good dads” really a “new” trend?

What I mean is, fathers have failed since the begininng of time- across cultures, historical times, and religions. The number of people who have been let down by male father figures since time began is staggering.

I am in no way justifying men who walk away, abuse, or simply neglect standing by their families. I am simply asking, could so much of our disappointment in fathers be because we all have an innate longing for a Father who does not stop loving, never walks out, and always provides? In essence, could our disappointment be proof that we were all created to have this intimate relationship with our perfect Father in Heaven? God was the perfect Father- in the eyes of man and woman- until Adam and Eve listened to the sneaky snake and sinned. With the first sin, man and woman began to doubt, fear, and hide from the Father they once shared a perfect relationship with. So again, could our disappointment in God have more to do with sin (in our own lives and all around us) than God himself?

Right now I have that 90’s Plum song stuck in my head “there’s a God shaped hole in all of us…”. Good thing you can’t hear my trying to sing it right now. 🙂

Today I thank God not only for my father and my husband. Today I thank Him for creating me to be his daughter.

If you are without a father, know that there is a Father waiting to have you in His arms again. If you long for that loving relationship with a Dad you have not been able to find- it is with your Creator and Daddy in Heaven. You were created for that relationship. He knows our disappointments, short comings, and He loves us. He waits for us.

Happy Father’s Day.

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