Healthy Remedies for Sick Kids


With Florida pollen lingering late
and blizzards arriving in northern states
it seems flus, coughs, and colds
are arriving hard, often, and bold

So here are some organic remedies
I have used in this season of flus
to treat young sick kiddos
I hope you find one you too can use

Homemade Banana Ice Cream

This remedy is so simple. I was surprised that I had never thought of it before. When my kiddos were sick with the stomach bug I decided to take my bananas from the freezer to make a snack that would be easy on their little bellies and easy to digest. Side note: I personally do not buy organic bananas because (according to my research) they are one of those fruits- because of their thick peel- that do not take in the harmful pesticides and such as much as other fruits with thinner outer casings.

The ice cream was a hit! The kids even kept it down. 🙂




Go Outside

photoVitamin D is most easily ingested through natural sunlight exposure. Vitamin D has been shown to help build up your immune system– which battles illness & disease. One of my favorite memories was taking the kids in the backyard and laying on blankets to read books in the sunlight. Since they were not feeling well, they did push back at the idea… but with a little bribery I was able to get 15-20 split minutes of outdoor time with all three kids.


DoTerra Essential Oils (non-affiliate post)


Okay, so I waited as long as I could to not join the essential oils band wagon. But I have to say, I LOVE these oils. When it comes to the flu, there are few things you can give to kids under 6 years old. When I rubbed ginger on the feet and backs of the kids they slept without waking to throw up.

When they have colds, I have found that they also work. Sometimes I have rubbed peppermint on their chests, on guard, or melaleuca. (I think peppermint was my favorite). If your child has sensitive skin or you are worried about them rubbing the oils and then touching their eyes- combine a few drops of the oil with coconut oil and then place on your child’s chest, back, and the bottoms of their feet.

As with over the counter/prescription medicines, the longer you wait to treat the symptoms of any illness the longer all forms of treatment take to help. So my advice, start putting oils on the bottom of your kiddo’s feet after the first sniffle. Here is a link to purchase DoTerra (my sister is a rep.) 🙂


DIY Rice Sock (Heating Pad)

Okay, I admit this may look ridiculous but we LOVE it. I first discovered the rice sock when I was in labor with my son. Please note that our rice sock is “well loved” and has a few marks on it. 🙂 The rice sock works just like a heating pad. If your back is sore from coughing, you have a pulled muscle, or a child has a belly ache- place your rice sock in the microwave for 1 minute (max) and then take out to place on the affected area.

To make a rice sock, simply pick a clean sock and fill it with rice. Tie the end of the sock and… you are done!

For coughs and sniffles we also purchase local organic honey.

And for any sick day, the best medicine for a sleepless Mommy and sick kid is hugs… and lots of them. I have found that to be one of the best, most organic remedies of all. 🙂







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