hmmm… cancerous or contagious?

Let’s check ourselves.
Often we (I) believe that the “wisdom” we are spreading is beneficial and contagious. What if what we think of as contagious is actually cancerous?

One thing I have learned this year is that wisdom (according to the world’s definition) is very different from scripture’s definition. To be “wise” according to the world does not instantly qualify me as being “wise” by God’s standards.

The only way to ensure that the wisdom we are attaining is God honoring is to take it to scripture. First off, if what I am sharing is not fully covered in love- it is cancerous. Second, if what I am sharing does not fully edify Christ and his church- it is cancerous. Third, if what I am sharing has more to do with my needs than anything else- it is cancerous. There are plenty more things to consider and the Bible is FULL of them. 🙂

Also, I feel so blessed to have wise leaders in my life who have encouraged me and given me scriptural advice on wisdom. If there is something you feel that is vital to being a contagious Christ follower as opposed to cancerous, please post your thoughts and scriptures.

What is my prayer in all of this? Well, this makes me think back to the mustard seed parable. I once thought that this story was about the smallest seed becoming the biggest tree. If I have even the smallest faith God can do huge things through it…etc. I am reading this book Understanding Jesus and it has blown my mind!

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