Homemade Little Bites


School starting next week and this Mama has been busy doing whatever I can to prepare my older two children for their first week. Being 9 months pregnant and preparing for back-to-school has challenged me to think a little outside the box on preparing budget-friendly and quick options to get my children fed and out the door for school.

I recently stumbled across a fun idea to prepare Homemade Little Bites!

Every time my children see those stink in’ prepackaged muffins (aka. sugar filled sad excuses for muffins) they BEG for them! The problem is they are pricey and REALLY unhealthy. So here is my alternative…photo 1

You can make these using prepackaged muffin mixes or try one of these delicious recipes from scratch (from midwest living.com). If you want to add more fiber, omega 3 and other goodness- I suggest adding 2 TBS of  Flaxseed and Wheat Germ to your recipes.

photo 2

What you will need:

– muffin mix (or “from scratch” recipes SEE ABOVE)
– snack freezer bags
– mini muffin Pan
– children to test and approve each batch. 🙂 While my daughter loved the muffins I think my son was disappointed that they did not look as colorful as the “party” little bites. Next time I will have him help me to add sprinkles to the muffin batch. problem solved. 🙂

photo 3
Prepare muffins as directed. (note that the smaller muffin pan will allow for a quicker baking time). Remove the muffins from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Then package muffins in a freezer snack bag and place in the freezer so your little ones can grab them before school!

Looking for a quick and easy fruit option to pair with the mini muffins? Package grapes in snack bags in the freezer for children to grab with their muffins. We also love cuties & bananas.
photo 2

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