Simple Homescreen Thought

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.

1 Peter 5:6

Today I have nothing profound to write.
Just a verse and a thought  or two. 🙂
Recently  I have been reading Draw the Circle: A 40 day prayer challenge by Mark Batterson.
Not only has it challenged my habit of praying but through each chapter and as I begin to get more purposeful in prayer – even the simplest of situations or simple scriptures become profound.
Boy oh Boy I would recommend the book to anyone.
I cannot begin to type out what I have learned from reading this book so far.
So there you have it there is my Christmas gift recommendation for you to get for someone. You might also consider His book The Circle Maker.
So why this verse.
Why post this verse?
It is simply because it is the Word of God for us.
My daily word from my homescreen site this morning.
My home screen on my computer is a daily Bible verse/study type site.
Each day I get a glimpse of God’s Word as I hop on in the 2 minutes I have before the business of the day begins.
Verses like this help me refocus and begin my day in prayer.
Humble yourself.
It is a powerful word that bears a great call.
Remember today Amy who you are. And who you are not.
Then Remember who’s you are.
When I humble myself and remember who’s I am, I am better able to see others the same. And in the humbleness extend grace, patience, and kindness to others who might otherwise seem less deserving.
Praise God for his MIGHTY hand. God is not weak and limited. He is limitless. His strength and power and love for us know no limit. We cannot limit his love. we can only limit the extend by which we feel it/receive it.
God is going to lift us up.
What a powerful truth.
God does not just show is love for us in Birthday or special occasion cards once or twice a year. God SHOWS his love for us in what He DOES over and over again. He didn’t stop after creation. He doesn’t stop at our sin. He never stop.
God will lift us up.
In due time.
In His time.
His perfect time.


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