How Chickfila Ranch Packets Save My Family Money #FrugalFriday

I have posted about how we save money on lunches by purchasing discounted bread (bc it is close to expiration) to make sandwiches.

 I snagged this loaf yesterday for .70 at ALDI.

I do not have those discount bakeries near me but the Dollar Trees here get shipments of name brand breads (with fast approachig expirations) on Tuesdays and Fridays. That makes them $2-3 less than buying the same brand bread at Publix.

I buy the bread, make PB&J sandwiches and freeze them so I can grab them each day for lunches. Freezing the bread extends the life of it so it can be used- and taste good- after the expiration date.

A tip from my cousin: spread a thin layer of peanut butter on both sides of the bread to keep it from getting mushy in the freezer.

Now onto saving money with fast food ranch packets: every time I am in a drive thru, I ask for extra packets of ranch. When I get home I toss them in the fridge to be used in lunches.


All I do is toss one packet of ranch in a ziplock with some seasonal veggies and add it to my daughter’s lunch.



If you enjoy grabbing fast food for breakfast, ask for extra peanut butter packets (not all fast food chains carry them). Then throw them in a ziploc with some celery.

With baby #4 on the way I am always looking for tips and tricks to feed my family healthy food on a frugal budget. Please share how you save your family money on lunches!

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