I am hooked

I tried Walmart Grocery online and liked is so much – I am hooked! I even went and got a referral link. (haha)

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So here is why I LOVED my experience with Walmart Grocery…

After a looong afternoon out with toddlers I called Walmart to say I was 10 minutes away from their location. When I got to the store, I parked my car by the orange Walmart Grocery signs and get this… they brought my groceries to my car!

All I had to do was show my I.D.


I have never been a fan of Walmart for many reasons… too much time spent in store, long lines at checkout, inconsistent customer service experiences…etc.

But this experience has me thinking differently. Well played Walmart… Well played…

I was able to order groceries online and pick them up without even going into the store!! This was perfect seeing as the kids had passed out in the car by the time I got to Walmart.

From organic products to Drano (we have a BAD clog in our kids bath- it seems bath crayons like to do that sometimes) I was able to order essentials for our home that I didn’t have coupons for.

The customer service with Walmart Grocery was exceptional, the products were exactly what I ordered, and I even got a bag of freebies! Aaron was excited about that. 🙂

The freebie bag immediately got played with by the kids with their toy grocery store & kitchen.

The only drawback was that I was not able to use coupons on my purchase -yet. Just wait, any grocery service like this does eventually accept them. Even Amazon Grocery started accepting coupons. (Shop Amazon Grocery.)

I did however save a few dollars on some products and produce from my Walmart purchase by using the iBotta App !

I would also recommend using Walmart Grocery if your family is planning a trip somewhere (like Disney) and want snacks and such for the theme parks, hotel, and car ride.

Want to try Walmart Grocery too? Here is my link!
Please post a comment here and let me know how your experience was!

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.37.33 AM

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