I may be raising “girly boys” and “boyish girls”…

ok but for real.

i watched this video from people magazine on instagram about a dad proclaiming his forever love for his sons. awesome! it was all about how his son picked out a little mermaid barbie. the video’s undertone was that the boy picked a girl toy and therefore could pick a different sexual orientation..etc and his father would love and accept him no matter what.

first off, props to dad.

love seeing dads just love their sons.

second. ariel is where it is at. my sons and daughters would agree AND add an anthem of celebration that would include way too many off-pitch octaves of “ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh” (insert the little mermaid chest lift and epic hair flip)

here is my blog.

as a mom of boys and girls.. this push to identify kids’ sexual and gender preferences based on toys and trends makes me want to vomit. media speaks out one side of their mouths saying there should be no gender associated with toys. then out the other comes words encouraging children who choose a toy marketed towards the opposite gender to explore alternate sexual orientation. for real?

oh the stories i have about my little ones picking toys and hobbies that are more popular for children of a gender not their own. i may be raising “girly boys” and “boyish girls” but I will make sure they know that they were created perfect the way they are. they may not always choose perfect- i know i don’t- but there is a God who loved them before i knew them and created them uniquely because he has unique plans for each of them. who am i to take that away from them? or tell them their choice in toys may be reason to change their orientation as boy or girl?

as a child i had NO CLUE i was a girl. i had two sisters who didn’t understand me- nor i them. i counted down the days until my brother came home so i would have someone to bike through the woods with. i dated jason h. in 6th grade because he was a good friend and wanted to buy me chocolate for valentines day. forget sexual orientation. i had a sweet tooth orientation. in 9th grade the hottest boy in the school pursued me and i turned him down. i was fresh meat with blonde hair and big boobs- thanks to a recent boom in puberty. when he and our church pastor’s son spread rumors that i was a lesbian – i was confused. was i? as a young adult, i met church leaders who took it upon themselves to assure me that as a female I could not pursue various passions within the church because on my gender. i was confused.

i think of this often.

my parents taught me from childhood that i was fearfully and wonderfully made. that when life gave up on me, God did not. that when i couldn’t understand myself, what i was feeling or thinking.. there was a God who knew me better then i could ever know myself. they raised me to know that following Jesus Christ would often conflict with my natural inclinations.

when my world threw labels at me- my parents gave me God’s Word.

so here is my blog.

now as a mom of 4, yeah i wonder if i will have children who question their sexual orientation. but who am i to rob them of what God has in store for them? we are not made perfect because of our own desires but because of His desire for us. God has a plan for each of my kids – created uniquely as boys and girls. in their struggles and in their successes my prayer is that they choose to seek His voice over the labels of their worlds.

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