J is for jelly, Job, and joy!

Some days I truly feel like all I’ve done is wipe up spills and fold clean underwear.

And since I figured you wouldn’t want to see a post about either of those tasks, I figured I would blog about the one day last week when I actually sat on the floor, colored a coloring sheet, and enjoyed some time spent teaching my three year old.

School prep is huge in our home because we opt out of preschool. But finding the time to teach my little pre-k kiddos can be challenging. With a 4 month old and nearly 4 year old in the house every day I am quickly learning that extending grace to myself is a necessity.

Last week we were able to spend one day on learning letters. Here is what we did:

We learned about the letter


First I had him use his pretend writing finger(pointer finger) to trace a large “j” on paper. Then we spent some time on a work page like this writing the letter j. If you are looking for incredible resources on how to teach your little ones to write, my favorite site is abcjesuslovesme.com Heidi has put together fabulous FREE resources like: teaching your children to hold a pencil, age appropriate Bible and Pre-K lessons, number rhythms, and letter chants. Here are some more FREE J coloring & learning pages.


As Aaron worked to trace his letter J‘s I repeated her letter chant for the letter J.

JĀ – hook, roof
j – hook, dot

But the fun didn’t stop there…

It was time to watch a video and color a page together about a person in the Bible named Job.



After watching a video like this talk about what you saw while you color:

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 4.10.14 | 9.54.42

Click Here for a FREE Job printable from What’sInTheBible

  • What was the name of the man in our Bible story?
  • Who hurt him?
  • What did Satan do to Job? (This is where my son will say that Satan “took Job’s juice and gave him booboos”. If you get answers like this know that you are right on track! For my 3 year old these are horrible things. His level of understanding pain and loss is that of a 3 year old. Encourage your child in his/her answers. You can see Aaron retelling part of the story in this video.)
  • Did Job ever give up on God?
  • What did God do for Job in the end?

By this time my son was ready to move, so we ran around… did a few exercises and then got out the jelly! It was time for some fun and silly learning!



Aaron squeezed some jelly in a pan.




Get ready…!




And he practiced writing his letter J



And then he just had fun playing in the jelly. šŸ™‚


Time for lunch! Mommy got out some bread and let Aaron use his messy hands to put jelly on the bread for a fun pb&j sandwich.

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