July: Fun and Random Reasons to Celebrate this Month

July: Fun and Random Reasons to Celebrate this Month

7/29: National Lasagna Day

  • Bake a Lasagna together!! Check allrecipes.com for simple recipes. You can also make a “Sweet” lasagna using graham crackers (pasta) and marshmallow fluff/ peanut butter (sauces). Layer the fluff and crackers mixing in good lies like fruit and candies.
  • Want to make a lasagna craft without food? Use pieces of paper layered with shaving cream!
  • This is a great play “cooking” craft. As you layer your lasagna talk about how much God loves us! There are so many layers to God’s love for us! As you put on a new layer to your lasagna have each child name one way that God shows He loves them! “Bake” your lasagna and pray- thanking God for His many “layers” of love for us!

7/30: National Cheesecake Day

Daddy and Daughter date idea!! Daddy’s take your little girls out and celebrate. Don’t have a daughter? Well, I doubt any wife or girlfriend would complain if you insisted on taking her out to celebrate. I know I wouldn’t… hint hint. 😉

moneysavingqueen-cheesecakefactoryEnjoy 1/2 off cheesecake slices on July 30th at The Cheesecake Factory!


Want to enjoy cheesecake at home? Check out this recipe for Homemade Rainbow Cheesecake!

  • Step it up: Use this lesson to teach your children how each ingredient we use to bake a cheesecake (or cake) is like the good and bad “ingredients” in our life that God wants to use to create something sweet out of! Click HERE

More Random Things to Celebrate This Month

UV Safety Month: Teach your kiddos the importance of using Sunscreen! Make it fun! Take out some lotion of yours and have your kids practice putting on their “sunscreen” by rubbing the lotion onto their legs (and yours!). As they lather it, ask them if they know WHO created the sun. Why did God create the sun? The sun gives us light and heat. Open up Genesis and read about when God made the Sun. See if your kiddos can memorize what God made on the 7 days of creation. Come up w/ a reward Like Chuck-e-Cheese (check my rebate/freebies page for free tokens). We love learning through songs check out this fun Creation Song.

National Picnic Month: Go on a picnic! I would save this idea for a rainy day and make a tent inside the house to have a picnic in. Use this time to continue the discussion about creation. Indoors or outdoors you can have fun listing all the create things God made!

National Parks Month: Take a trip to the park! For my local friends we love going because there is fun to be had indoors and outdoors. Again, use this as an opportunity to talk about God created out doors. Walk outside with the kids and play this game: point to things (sky, trees, sun, birds…etc) and ask your kids to name off on what day God made those things. Sing the creation song as you walk if you forget the days.

Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month: Take time to talk about boys and girls who are struggling with health problems like Arthritis. Thank God for the ways that He has blessed you and your family with health.

  • Play Doctor with the kiddos. Talk about how the Bible teaches us that God is greatest doctor ever. He is called our Healer. Thank God for being our Healer. Sometimes God may let us be sick or have booboos but no matter what He is always there to helps us through the sadness and pain. Pray for other kids who are sick right now.
  • Want to create a card with your kiddo and send it to a child struggling with an illness? Explore great sites like these to send your letters to. This is a great way to teach your kids to be the hands and feet of Christ- spreading love and smiles to kids who need it.
 For more Fun ideas for you and your kids this month head over to my Freebies page.
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