Labor Day Ideas at Home

It’s time to celebrate Labor Day! Looking for some easy recipes, activity ideas, and conversation starters about this holiday? Here are some fun ideas the kids and I put together this year. Please comment below with fun ideas you are incorporating into your labor day celebration.

I have been on a kick lately posting printable to teacherspayteachers. I am almost done putting together a madlib package for Fall holidays. In the meantime here is a fun madlib story about LaborDay.

Click Here to download.

Labor Day Ring Toss

What a FUN idea from!

What You’ll Need:
*4 hula hoops, 2 of each color

*Red & blue duct tape, optional

*Sticks, dowel rods, or flags

The object of the game will be to see who can ring the most flags on their turn.


Labor Day BINGO

Another fun idea is to play BINGO. Get to know your kids OR if you are hanging out with a group of adults- get to know them. For the kids, ask what they want to be when they grow up. What are their dream jobs? For adults ask them what their dream jobs would be or what the worst jobs are. Write them on small strips of paper and toss into a bowl. Fill in your BINGO cards with those job titles. You can write a job title up to three times on the Bingo board. Pull out the pieces of paper and call out what they say. As you do players mark their bingo boards with the appropriate jobs written. The first person to mark 5 in a row wins! Click HERE to download BINGO boards (or make your own!) 🙂



SIMPLE S’mores Dip

Aside from grilling veggies and meats – this mama has a sweet tooth! #thestruggleisreal I found this fun and simple amores recipe from (yum!) The kids can even help to make it! A crowd pleaser for any budget.


Labor Day Coloring Pages

When in doubt get out the coloring pages! I love printing fun coloring pages from CRAYOLA. We often sit with the kids and color with them just to get conversations flowing. Here is a fun one I found.

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