Madi’s First Trip to the Nail Salon

It has been WAY too long since this little crazy lady and I went on a date.

She picked the pose.

She picked the pose… AND her outfit.

In all her 6 year old genius-ness she asked to get her nails painted with me. How could I resist that face? 😉


So, Mommy got a pedicure (Madi picked out the colors) and Madi got a mani & pedi.

photo 2-5

photo 2

Shortly after the mani-pedi I was snuggling with Madi. I tried to tell her that she was getting too big and needed to just slow down on this whole “growing up” stuff. She simply proceeded to giggle and tell me “it’s okay Mommy, I will be with you in Heaven too.”

And… I balled. I balled like a baby and I am not ashamed to blog that. 🙂

Her words not only blew my mind but blessed my heart beyond what I could have imagined.

What a fun time with the 6 year old girl with the most beautiful smile and heart I know.

I love you Madison Abigail!