Mommy and Me Fitness: Stretches and Snuggles

 Stretches and Snuggles
Tickle Stretch
Works Your: Abs, Back, Legs – Thighs 
Sit with your legs in a wide “V” position.
Place your baby on his/her belly or back (depending on his/her mood and age this will differ.) If you want to try this exercise with a toddler place them in a seated position at a comfortable stretching distance from your core.
Sit completely upright, with your torso vertical to the floor, head aligned with your spine. Your knees should be straight and your toes pointed up or away (for a harder stretch). Pull your belly button into your spine (to engage your core). Keep your back flat.
Reach your arms out in front of your body. Reach towards your little one and tickle!
Hold this position for 15 – 30 seconds. Relax and returning to your starting position on an exhale.
Talk to your child throughout this stretch. Like “1,2,3 here comes the tickle bug. Tickle, tickle tickle” . It is important to try to make eye contact with your little workout helper and smile. Have fun Moms!

* Adapt for older children: With my 2 year old I place him near my feet on his bottom. We do this stretch like a “game”. As I sit upright I count and at “3” I stretch down and tickle his toes. (Well, we sometimes pretend my hands are “chomping” his toes.) 🙂 My Preschooler loves sitting next to me and working out. You may only get a few reps in with these little ones and that is okay. You will find that the more you can tell them they are doing a good job the longer they will be your workout buddy.

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