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With our family growing we are always looking for ways to simply save! Whether that means cramming all the kids into a paid off Civic instead of buying a van OR recovering chairs that are starting to look dingy, what motivates me to simply save: I want to use what is in my hand to glorify God and bless others (“time, talent, and treasure”).


Budgeting & Money Saving

 Mommy Friendly Budgeting Tips  While clipping coupons has saved our family tremendous amounts of money through the years I do have to say that there is something else that has been our #1 money saver. Budgeting. (Read more…) Friends and Family Sale
Seven Simple Steps to Saving Money with Coupons Here are some simple principles my family and I try to live by to save money with coupons. I am just a Mommy trying to live healthy on a single income. 😉 (Read more…)

Frugal Basics Well here it is, if ever you wanted to pick my brain on what I think is important to start couponing, saving money, and living on less… below is my two cents. I hope it helps! (Read More…) 

Dining on a Dime Simple tips and tricks to making the most with what you have at mealtime. From keeping your vegetables tasting fresher longer, to cleaning substitutes found around your house. (Read more…)

Baby Deals


Party Planning


Summer Savings for Kids



$10 off your next order at VitacostWith all of the DIYs I have been trying I have found that this site has the best prices. This is the site I go to for great deals on what I need to make everything! Visit Vitacost to get $10 off of your first order of $30. 

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A Few of my Favorite Money Saving Sites.
The web is FULL of great websites that make shopping easy and affordable. Here are just a few of my favorites. 

Ibotta is one of my favorite apps! I have saved so much money on items I already buy for my family. New users can get $10 just for trying ibotta. (This is redeemed from their first 5 deals.) Try it out for FREE today! Click Here.
ibottaWhat makes Ibotta unique?

• Features great cash offers on the best brands and products
• Selected by Apple as a New and Noteworthy App and a What’s Hot App in 2013
• Reached #1 in Lifestyle on Apple App Store in 2013
• Featured on Good Morning America, U.S. News & World Report, Mashable, TechCrunch
• 7 day a week Customer Support to help you make the most of Ibotta
• Get paid to refer friends with Friend Bonuses where the sky is the limit
• Over 10,000+ reviews online, averaging 4.5 stars out of 5
• Fun Bonuses that earn you cash

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 7.24.15 | 12.55.25
SAVE $20 off your first clothing purchase at THRED UP

(It can also be used towards the shipping.)


I love shopping this gently used consignment shop for clothing for the entire family. They often have promotional codes for free shipping just search the web! This is another site where you will get a referral code when you open your own account and share it with friends. You can also send them your gently used kids clothes and earn more credit. Click HERE to begin saving.. Happy Shopping! has a great selection of glasses that are FREE for first time customers. They have a number of incredible promotions year round too!

I was able to order these spiffy glasses for just the cost of shipping!

Sign uo to join FAB offers trendy products that are great for any number of buyers. My latest purchase was a cheese making kit! 🙂

 FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar from Shopmium

Download the Shopmium app onto your smartphone and/or ipad (or other compatible devices) and get a Lindt Chocolate Bar for free with code: GHKFUMVP 

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 3.17.14 | 12.13.22Save money buying your groceries! Shopmium allows you to discover new products for free or at a greatly reduced price!

– Free registration – nothing to pay – ever!
– Features new offers each week
– Offers are exclusive to Shopmium
– No store constraints: you can redeem your offers at any store the product is sold
– Very easy cash back process: rebates are processed within the app in just 2 clicks!
– Get your cash back directly to your bank account or PayPal account, within a few days
– Discounts on all kind of products: gourmet products, beverages, grocery, cosmetics, apparel…

SHOPMIUM is compatible with smartphones Android 2.2 and up, and requires a good quality auto-focus camera and a screen size normal to x-large*.*number of pixels shouldn’t be lower than 470 x 320

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