DIY at Home

Simple DIYs that I use to save my family time and money


Remedies for Sick kids
Kid-safe and kid-approved DIYs for little ones feeling under the weather. From the DIY medicine cabinet of my family to yours! :)(Read more…)

  • Growing a Garden
    • I have been on a canning kick this year. I will be sure to update my DIY foodie page with more recipes. I do apologize I know I have gotten a bit behind. oops.
    • DIY Pumpkin Puree: I LOVE making this w/ our Fall pumpkin and then freezing it so we can make delicious goodies like pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread all year long.
  • Freezer Cooking
  • DIY menu substitutes
    • I OFTEN begin to cook a meal and then realize that I am one (or two) ingredients short. It is SO frustrating! Check out these sites for great cooking substitutes. HERE or HERE. They have saved me a last minute trip to the store many times.


  • DIY homemade laundry soap
    • Top Load Machine- 5/8 Cup per load (Approx. 180 loads)
    • Front Load Machines- ¼ Cup per load (Approx. 640 loads)


  • DIY Recovering Chairs  Save your family some money. Instead of buying new furniture try recovering what you have with new fabric. Here is my step by step tutorial
  • DIY Canning
  • DIY hand soap- This is a GREAT and SIMPLE thing to make one night after the kids are in bed. It takes maybe 10 minutes to make.
    • Alright so I have not quite started making my soaps from scratch but here is one little money saving secret I use at my house…
      I buy the HUGE hand soap refills from walmart. Fill my used Bath and Body Works foam soap dispensers 1/4 of the way with the soap and fill the rest with water. Some other DIYs suggest you use body wash or dish soap if you prefer. Whatever your preference, it is important to point out that you are not diluting the cleanliness of your hands. (I also do this with my childrens’ shampoo. I only dilute it a little less.)


  • DIY Deodorant
    • 3T coconut oil
    • 1-2 drops tea tree oil
    • 1 1/2 – 2T baking soda
    • 1-2 drops scented oil (optional): Tea tree oil gives it a good scent but I just love the smell of lavender so I add a few drops of that too

Simply melt the coconut oil and add the remaining ingredients.
I buy all the ingredients from Vitacost. I have found the best prices there. Click here to get $10 off your first order.

There are a bunch of recipes out there to make homemade deoderant. I will be quite honest, I have found that the best recipe for this is going to come from you playing around with the ratios. Some people are more sensitive to scented oils while others are more sensitive to the baking soda. If you have an old deodorant container, I suggest multiplying your mixture  and then pouring it into the container to sit over night and harden. Or if you don’t mind just carrying around a small tupperware of deodorant (like me- lol) you can simply just do so.

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