Today is rare.

I am actually sitting and enjoying my silly kids while looking through Sunday’s paper.


Why not inflate the trampoline inside. 🙂

While going through the newspaper, I spotted this in the Target ad.


Be sure to take advantage of this coupon. Most Winn Dixie and Publix stores accept Target coupons as well. I find the best meat deals usually at Winn Dixie. Although there are some good meat sales at Publix this week. Looking for organic meat? Our Super Targets tend to have the lowest local prices. Check your Super Target for organic meats with the manager special discount sticker on them.

And remember, the #1 way to save your family money on groceries is to come up with a monthly budget. Knowing when your money is coming in, how much you have to spend, and when it is gone will give you the greatest discipline to save your family the most.

Happy Monday!


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