My Dirty Secret

If laughter is medicine, than I think I have a drug problem.

Recently a friend and I were talking about how much of life is made up of appointments and disappointments. It is easy to get caught up in the regularity and busyness of routine so much that when “life happens” we feel inconvenienced and disappointed.
But how often could it be that our biggest disappointments are just what we need to make it to our most divine appointments.


On days like today all my “appointments” stemmed from schedule setbacks and disappointments.

It’s on days like these, I am so thankful I was raised knowing how to laugh at life. (Raising three kids is cause enough for days like today to be my norm.)

My Story…

I wanted a million-dollar-mom moment. You know… the ones us ladies see with beautifully crafted social media pics. The ones that leave us feeling like we need a tub of ice cream, big spoon of peanut butter, tissues and no eye witnesses.
So today was my moment! My million dollar, awesome mommy moment… What was my idea? Simple.

Play Legos with the kids… outside. A win win of sorts. We make memories, I get a few good pics, and we get our all organic vitamin D on.


But remember the part about 3 kids… well, in the midst of my epic lego building with the older two… (Come on, you know that little lego town is pretty great) I caught the youngest eating dirt.

Sadie’s Dirty Eating Habit (I got it all on camera.)

The moral of the story is… today went better than I could have planned.

The kids all needed baths anyway. 🙂

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