My epiphany about j-o-y

A I sit here enjoying a little break from chaos, paying bills, running to appointments, and feeding an infant ( hey, that takes up most of a new mom’s day)… I feel full of j-o-y.


Here I am with my cute lunch dates. Don’t mind this make-up-less mommy running on 4hours of sleep. šŸ™‚

As I enjoy my banquet on a budget of cheese, crackers, and apples with my 2 healthy children I am blown away by this thought: Is there any joy in my life that came without discomfort? Sacrifice?

Like sleeping with a porcupine, letting go of the handlebars, or teases on the playground, every ounce of joy is the product of discomfort, loss, and/or painful humility. These two children cost me much (financially, physically…etc) but the joy they bring me cannot be measure with words. Even the friendships I hold dearest today have withstood the most of any of those three. My marriage to my incredible best friend included.

How often do we search for happiness in life that costs us nothing? What if pursuing joy without loss ends up leaving us with the greatest loss of all- missing out on many joy-filled days, months, and years?

I have come to find that joy is not a hand out. Joy is gained. And the joy that I have found can be best summed up by the wise words of my 5 year old, Madi: “Joy is putting Jesus and Others before You”.

Thanks you God for the joy you have brought to my life. As I study the life of Jesus, I am inspired to continue each day to love when it’s hard to love, give when I have nothing left, and humbly accept that I will never be better than any other human being. I cannot earn the gifts of grace and joy you give. They are gifts and I thank you. Give me strength and wisdom for today as I give up my plans to You and Your desires for my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

2 thoughts on “My epiphany about j-o-y

    • Thanks Mom. Likewise. šŸ™‚ To say that you have blessed my life would not suffice. I love you and Dad. To the moon and back. šŸ™‚

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